Hello, lovely! Ready to join me on my style journey?

This is a place where you can follow along with my style journey and silly hobbies, and where you can share your own. Developing and maintaining your personal style is hard if you try to do it alone. But now you don’t have to!

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Hi, lovely! I’m Cassie.

I have a BA in Anthropology, and I minored in Women’s Studies. I thoroughly enjoy studying cultures and genetics, but my true love is style. Sometimes I pretend that my life is a musical.

Style has always drawn my attention. Some of my greatest inspirations are Iris Apfel, Betsey Johnson, and Zooey Deschanel. I used to try (and fail) to follow trends, but one day I realized that I hated them!

Eventually I came to the conclusion that personal style is, in fact, personal. It is an extension of the self and should be treated as such. I love helping other women jumpstart their style journeys and develop their own personal styles.

If you’re ready to develop your personal style, pick up your copy of my ebook, Finding Yourself Through Style, today!


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