Bows: Are They an Age-Inappropriate Accessory? Hell No!


Hello, lovelies!

Even though I’ve been told that I’m too old for them, I love bows. I temporarily abandoned them when I was about 21, because I had heard from several people that they’re too childish. However, those people were wrong.

I’ve always been a bit quirky, but I spent many years trying to conform to mainstream style. I finally started truly embracing my personal style a few years ago, thanks to Zooey Deschanel and Modcloth. Funnily enough, I didn’t embrace my love for bows again, until I saw JoJo on Dance Moms.

If you read Ballerina Realness: Styling a Tulle Skirt, you know that I grew up dancing. Therefore, you’re probably not surprised that I am obsessed with Dance Moms. I won’t lie. I initially found JoJo’s extreme personality a bit grating. Now, her confidence and super positive attitude have won me over, and she’s actually my favorite. I have also fallen in love with her insane bows. Seeing how well she rocks them has inspired me to rock mine, too!

Headband Bows

bow headbands

Let’s start with headband bows. I don’t have any pictures of me wearing these, because I was too lazy to put on makeup. Personally, I prefer headbands that have the bows off-center. However, if you part your hair in the middle, you may be better off with a centered bow. You may look like Minnie Mouse with that placement, but I think it would look adorable.

Bow Clips

Now, on to bow clips. It may be my inner ballerina, but I love a good bun. You can’t see it in a picture, because my hair is super dark right now, but I French braided my hair upside down. I used the bow to clip the braid into place, and I put the rest of my hair into the bun. These also work perfectly for securing back half of your hair.

Other Bows

Finally, I have these adorable, creepy skeleton hand clips with bows. They’re perfect for when I’m going for a Wednesday Realness vibe. They’re the perfect size for pinning back small braids.

Do you love bows, too? Do you have a favorite accessory that some people tell you is too “young” for you? Tell me about it in the comments! xo

Bows: Are They an Age-Inappropriate Accessory? Hell No!

  • ellymoemoe

    I was inspired by a friend who wore a very simple, off centre headband bow to go looking for one myself. It looked elegant but youthful. This has inspired me to go find one again.