Cassie Wears an Apron: Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

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Hello, lovelies!

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When I was at Disneyland last November, I fell in love with this Haunted Mansion apron. Since then, I’ve worn it every chance that I get. There’s no better excuse to wear an apron than baking. I wear a lot of black, so I definitely need something to keep the flour off my clothes. This week, I decided to bake sugar cookies with some adorable dinosaur cookie cutters from Modcloth. Who wouldn’t want to eat a dinosaur cookie?

disney apron haunted mansion ghost host

My brother is an allergy kid, so I try to adapt dairy- and nut-free recipes for him, whenever I can. This time I played with the sugar cookie recipe that came with my KitchenAid mixer.

Sugar Cookie Recipe:

1 stick of dairy-free butter substitute
1 cup sugar*
1 tsp vanila bean sugar**
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt

*We like our cookies very sweet, so I added 1/4 cup more sugar than the original recipe calls for.

Mix the fake butter, sugar, and vanilla bean sugar. Scrape the sides of the bowl, add the egg and vanilla extract, and mix. Combine the dry ingredients in a separate bowl and mix. Stir the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. Mix until dough forms. Finally, wrap the dough in plastic wrap and relax, while you refrigerate the dough for a few hours or overnight.

When you’re ready to bake, take out the dough, and separate it into 2 or 3 sections. Roll each section out to about 1/8″ thickness on lightly floured parchment or wax paper. While you do this, I recommend keeping the other section in the fridge. Then you can have fun with the dinosaur cookie cutters and stamps. Bake at 375°F for 7-10 minutes until edges are golden brown. Finally, let the cookies cool on a wire rack.

You can add the sprinkles before or after, or before and after, baking.


How cute are these? I’m super obsessed with these dinosaur cookie cutters, because they combine 2 of my favorite things: cookies and dinosaurs. These cookies aren’t just cute. They’re also delicious! I love butter almost as much as Paula Deen does, but I don’t miss it in this recipe.

baking apron

Do you have a favorite cookie recipe? I’d love to see it, so let me know in the comments. xo

This week, I decided to bake sugar cookies with some adorable dinosaur cookie cutters from Modcloth. Who wouldn’t want to eat a dinosaur cookie?

  • Živilė Dap

    Thanks for sharing!


  • They’re super cute! They look so yummy too. I want some!!

    Yvanne |

    • Thanks, Yvanne! They’re delish, and super easy to make!

  • Kimberly Caines

    OMG Cassie, this is so creative. The cookies look adorable and not to mention yummie! Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to see more.

    • Thank you so much, Kimberly! Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to the newsletter, if you’d like to!

  • Awesome! And I have all the ingredients right now, I wish I had the dinosaur cookie cutters T___T. Will definitely look for them this weekend!

    • Thank you! They’d still taste delicious without the dinosaur cookie cutters, but they’re just so much fun. I feel like that really makes a difference.

  • Oh yum!! It’s been a while since I’ve made sugar cookies, but they’re so much better when you use fun cookie cutters. And I love your apron!

    • I don’t know what it is, but the cookie cutters really make a difference in the taste! Thank you!

  • Leslie Nichole

    How fun! I have a sugar cookie recipe that is absolutely amazing. It’s also versatile too sometimes I add lemon & lavender or I’ll use strawberries.

    • Oooh lemon and lavender sounds awesome! Sometimes I whip up a little coconut cream frosting for them, and we put strawberries on top.

  • Mrs Fancy-Pants

    I had to (sadly) go off dairy while I was nursing my daughter. The fake butter I bought was much more delicious than I had expected!

    • I know right? I HATE fake cheese, but the fake butter is actually really good.

  • I NEED this cookie cutters! I love anything to do with dinosaurs! I am making xmas cookies with my family tomorrow! They won’t be dinosaurs, but they will be santa’s, deer, stars, xmas trees, etc. I am pretty excited about it. We do it every year.

    • Aren’t they AMAZING?! I hope you had fun making cookies!