Cassie’s Dye Rules: 10 Tips to Think About Before Dying Your Hair

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hair color, hair dye, dye, cassie wears what, cassiewearswhat.comWhile trying to decide what I should do to my hair next, I was inspired to write this article. Personally, I’m a huge fan of dye. Over the years, I’ve done a plethora of crazy crayola colors, both as highlights and all-over color: blue, magenta, orange, burgundy, and purple to name a few. You may have seen my first and second attempts at oil slick hair. Right now I’m rocking my natural black with purple and blue ombre. I don’t feel like myself, unless my hair is some crazy color. However, dying your hair damages it. A lot. Here are my tips for dying your hair without completely destroying it: 


  1. hair color, hair dye, dye, cassie wears what, cassiewearswhat.comDon’t try this at home. If you do something wrong, you could literally make all of your hair break off. Also, mixing your dye yourself could lead to weird reactions and colors.
  2. If you do try this at home, never use boxed dye from the drugstore. Go to an actual beauty supply store, like Sally’s, and ask someone for help. They’ll gladly help you pick something out.
  3. Go to a hairstylist that you can trust. If you don’t know anyone who specializes in color, ask around for recommendations. I made the mistake of having the wrong person touch up the roots on a blue streak in my hair. Initially, the blue she did didn’t match the blue that I already had, even though she used the same dye that another hairstylist used for the initial streak. With 2 weeks, all of the hair that she dyed broke off. Seriously, I had a huge section of hair that was only 2 inches long. I had to change my part and everything. It was not cute. After that debacle, I found someone who works with crazy colors a lot, and my hair has been perfectly fine.hair color, hair dye, dye, cassie wears what, cassiewearswhat.com
  4. If you go to a hairstylist after you use boxed dye, tell her or him what you used. It can affect any dye they use on you, and you don’t want your hair to turn weird colors.
  5. Wear gloves! If you’re dying your hair yourself, definitely wear gloves. Even if you’re going to a hairstylist, the gloves will come in handy. Wear them when washing and styling your hair, at least for the first couple of weeks. Please learn from my mistakes!
  6. After you dye your hair, wash it with cool water. This will help the color last longer.
  7. If you don’t have to wash your hair every day, don’t do it! Make that color last as long as possible!
  8. Masks are your new best friend. If you haven’t yet invested in a good one, do so immediately!
  9. Make sure you hair products, especially shampoo, conditioner, and masks, are color-friendly.hair color, hair dye, dye, cassie wears what, cassiewearswhat.com
  10. Don’t forget your heat protectant! Dye usually damages your hair, especially if you bleached or lightened it in any way. Heat protectant will help you minimize any further damage.

Do you dye your hair crazy colors? What are some of your favorite? Did I miss any good tips? Let me know in the comments! xo

  • Follow My Gut

    You have so many great tips here! Dying your hair can be a great or bad process so I love that you offer this first hand knowledge. My favorite is the one about telling your hairstylist if you already dyed your hair, that could end in bad results if you didn’t. Great job!

  • Mrs Fancy-Pants

    Love the smurf hand!

    I have never dyed my hair. I suspect, judging from the lovely white hairs that seem to be breeding on my head, that this will change in a couple of years, so this info is helpful. I’m lazy so I’m not looking forward to having to maintain it though.

    • LOL Thanks! My mom told me to stop giving handy js to smurfs. Maintenance can be tough, but if you and your hairstylist like each other, it makes the process a lot more fun.