Makeup Monday Drag Edition: Ornacia

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Every Drag Race fan remembers Vivacious' iconic entrance from season 6. We all fell in love that day. Check out my take on Ornacia at Cassie Wears What!Hello, lovelies!

It’s time for another Makeup Monday Drag Edition! My face decided to blow up, so I’m avoiding makeup until this breakout goes away. However, I found another way to celebrate. One of the most memorable Drag Race entrances was Vivacious in season 6. Everyone absolutely gagged on Vivacious and her friend, Ornacia. Even though Vivacious didn’t last very long on her season, she and Ornacia are legendary. Read more

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Makeup Monday Halloween Drag Edition: Sharon Needles

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Who comes to mind, when you hear the words "Halloween" and "drag?" I always think of Sharon Needles. Check out my take on one of her best looks at Cassie Wears What.Hello, lovelies!

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When you hear the words “Halloween” and “drag,” what, or who, comes to mind? If you didn’t say “Sharon Needles,” there’s something wrong with you. I absolutely adore Sharon Needles. Who wasn’t #TeamSharon, when PhiPhi O’Hara was being a total bitch in season 4 of Drag Race? Her creepy, ghoulish aesthetic is a Halloween-lover’s dream come true. Here’s my take on my favorite look of hers from season 4. Read more

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Makeup Monday Drag Edition: Lil’ Poundcake

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We all saw Alaska 5000 bring Lil' Poundcake to life last week. Check out my take on the legendary winner of the Junior Drag Superstar Pageant!Hello, lovelies!

This is probably not something you would want your boss to catch you reading at work, unless your boss is fucking awesome.

Lil’ Poundcake was probably the standout queen of season 5. Sorry, Jinkx! I love you, but no one can hold a candle to the winner of the Junior Drag Superstar Pageant. According to her mother, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, “Lil’ Poundcake enjoys ridin’ dirty and being a straight up motherfucking dick pig.” If that doesn’t make her the perfect little queen, I don’t know what would. After seeing Alaska bring her to life last week, I couldn’t let another Makeup Monday Drag Edition pass without paying homage to this pint-sized drag princess. Read more

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Makeup Monday Drag Edition: Manila Luzon

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Hello, lovelies!

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You’ve already seen looks inspired by Kim Chi and Adore Delano. This month’s Makeup Monday Drag Edition is inspired by Manila Luzon. She stole my heart during season 3 of Drag Race, and she’s still one of my all-time favorites. She uploaded a makeup tutorial several years ago, which I loosely followed. Here comes Mama! Read more

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Makeup Monday Drag Edition: Adore Delano

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Hello, lovelies!

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Last month, I did a #MakeupMonday post inspired by Kim Chi. Because a bunch of people, myself included, really loved it, I decided to make Makeup Monday Drag Edition a monthly series. So, here’s a look inspired by another of my favorite Ru girls: Adore Delano. She’s fabulous, so go check out her Instagram. Read more

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Makeup Monday Drag Edition: Kim Chi

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Hello, lovelies!

Kim Chi, from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8, is one of my favorite beauty icons. Seriously. Check out her Instagram and her  website. She’s amazing. Some think she’s just a look queen, but she’s actually a great performer, too. Her lip-sync to Fat, Femme, and Asian was my favorite in the finale. As much as I love Bob the Drag Queen, I still wish that Kim Chi won. She recently released an eyeshadow with Sugarpill, and I bought it immediately. I don’t use pool blue very often, but with her shade, I make it work. This week’s Makeup Monday was inspired by her.  Read more