HootLoot Box Review: Wizards and Wilderness

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Have you heard of the HootLoot box yet? If you love books and beauty, check out my review of their January box: Wizards and Wilderness.Hello, lovelies!

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I ordered the January HootLoot box. If you haven’t heard of the HootLoot box, they describe themselves as part beauty box and part book box. They sell through Etsy, so you don’t have to subscribe. They also have several box options, so you don’t have to get the book, if you don’t want it. January’s theme was Wizards and Wilderness, and I couldn’t miss out on a Harry Potter box. As a giant Potthead, I had high hopes for this box, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Read more


Happy New Year: Goals and Changes

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Happy New Year! January is the perfect time to set new goals and make some changes. Check out my New Year's goals and changes at Cassie Wears What!Hello, lovelies!

I hope you had a very happy and safe New Year! New Year’s Day is my mom’s birthday, so we always stay home and watch the ball drop in our pajamas. It’s the perfect time of year for new goals and changes, and I’d like to share mine with you. Instead of my usual Makeup Monday post, here are my goals and changes for the year: Read more


Cassie Wears an Apron: Arroz Caldo

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The cold weather isn't always fun, but this recipe will warm you right up! Check out my family's recipe for arroz caldo, or Filipino chicken soup with rice. Check it out at Cassie Wears What!Hello, lovelies!

I’m so sorry that I abandoned you for a week, but I seriously needed a break. I feel much better now. Anyway, it’s been super cold lately, so I wanted to share my favorite cold weather recipe: arroz caldo. Arroz caldo is basically the Filipino version of chicken soup with rice. It’s perfect for the cold weather, and whenever one of my family members is sick, they request it. I don’t think I cook it the traditional way, but here’s my recipe:  Read more

Walker Wednesday: Why I’m Obsessed with Negan

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably familiar with Negan, the best Walking Dead villain yet. Check out why I'm obsessed with him at Cassie Wears What!Hello, lovelies!

This post contains spoilers for this season of The Walking Dead. If you aren’t caught up, read at your own risk.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that this has been the craziest season of The Walking Dead. Our resident badass chameleon was injured after leaving the group and is now living outside of a kingdom. There’s a dude with a fucking tiger! A TIGER! Everyone is everywhere, so none of the episodes feature all of them. Two of our beloved group members were killed in the season premiere by a crazy man wielding a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat named Lucille. Said crazy man then kidnapped everyone’s favorite bad boy and psychologically tortured our (previously) fearless leader. What I’m about to say may be an unpopular opinion, but I. Love. Negan.  Read more

Sexual Assault: Think of the Victim

Sexual assaults are all over the news, which means they're also all over social media. Before you comment on a post, I implore you, think of the victim.I’m writing this from bed in the middle of the night with a broken heart. I woke up half an hour ago to a text that said a young woman from my high school was sexually assaulted by a boy from our brother school at a football game.  Read more

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Halloween 2016: Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West

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I had way too much fun for Halloween. I loved The Wizard of Oz, and I've been obsessed with Wicked for over a decade. Check out my Wicked Witch costume at Cassie Wears What!Hello, lovelies!

This post contains affiliate links from which I can earn commission. For more details, see About Me.

I don’t usually post on Tuesdays but I wanted to give you the details on my Halloween costume! I’ve been obsessed with The Wizard of Oz since I was a little girl, and I read Wicked before the musical came out. The Wicked Witch always interested me, but Wicked turned that interest into an obsession. Elphaba is one of my all-time favorite characters. I fell in love with the musical in college. I’ve actually seen it 3 times. I don’t know why, but despite my love for Elphie, I had never dressed up as the Wicked Witch of the West for Halloween. I had to fix that this year. Read more