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Makeup Monday: Finding the ColourPop Lippie Formula for You

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Do all of the ColourPop lippie formulas have you confused? Let me help you decide between Lippie Stix Matte X and Ultra Matte Lips.Hello, lovelies!

No, I’m still not affiliated with ColourPop, though I would love to be. As you may have seen, ColourPop recently released some Lippie Stix in their Matte X formula that match some of their most popular Ultra Matte Lips. Both of these formulas have their pros and cons. Let’s find the best ColourPop Lippie formula for you! 


colourpop, colourpop lippie, matte x, ultra matte lip, cassiewearswhat.com, cassie wears what

When I saw ColourPop release some of my favorite Ultra Matte shades in their Matte X formula, I knew I had to have them. When I saw that they also had the corresponding Lippie Pencils, I almost died!

Matte X


  • more comfortable to wear
  • not as dry
  • lasts a long time
  • almost smudge-proof
  • doesn’t crack


  • doesn’t last as long Ultra Matte Lip

Tip: Line and fill in your lips with the matching Lippie Pencil first. This will prevent bleeding and feathering, and if the Lippie wears off, you’ll still have color from the pencil.

Ultra Matte Lip


  • very long-lasting
  • even harder to smudge than Matte X
  • doesn’t crack
  • liquid formula – better for precise application


  • dries out your lips
  • not very comfortable, unless you’re used to it

Tip: Apply your favorite lip balm 5 minutes before you apply Ultra Matte Lip. This will moisturize your lips, so they won’t get as dry or chapped from this formula. You can also use the matching Lippie Pencil as a barrier between your lip and the lipstick.


Personally, I love both formulas, and I pick one based on my mood and my activities for the day. If I’m going to do a lot of eating and drinking, I usually go for Ultra Matte Lip. However, if I feel the need to go for comfort, or if I just have a short event, I usually pick Matte X.

No matter which one I use, I’m super excited about the matching lippie pencils! They’re great for preventing loss of color and coverage from eating and drinking. They’re an amazing base for both ColourPop Lippie formulas. Also, they can help you create a clean, precise outline, especially around your Cupid’s bow.

Which formula is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! xo