Exciting Announcement: My Ebook and Program!

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It’s official! I’m a writer! My ebook, Finding Yourself Through Style, went live on Wednesday. 

Are you sick of hiding behind someone else’s idea of style?

I feel you, girl! For most of my life, I tried to build my style around what others said was “cool.” I covered up my sparkle with stupid trends. When I got sick of conforming, I went to another extreme and gave up on style altogether. I hid my sparkle again, this time under baggy, shapeless clothes. No matter what I did, 3 things held true:

  1. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin.
  2. I wasn’t comfortable in my own clothes.
  3. I lacked confidence.

Eventually, I said, “screw everyone!” I decided to wear the things that I love. I decided that it’s ok to stand out. It was time for me to embrace my personal style.

I see so many amazing women hiding. Some hide behind the 10 year old headshot that they use for everything or memes and stock photos. Others hide in clothes that they think other people will like. Isn’t it time to share your awesomeness with the world?

It’s time for you to embark on your own style journey!

My calling is to help women cultivate their own personal styles and become comfortable in their own skin, as well as in their wardrobes. My ebook, Finding Yourself Through Style, can help you:

  • Figure out where the hell you want to go on your style journey.
  • Find brands that resonate with your personality.
  • Purge your old wardrobe.

If you would like a little extra guidance, my 6 week program, Your Guided Trek to Style Nirvana is for you! The program includes:

  • A copy of the ebook.
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group where I will answer questions and offer guidance daily.
  • Weekly live streams and lessons with me.

You can check out both the ebook and the program here.