Fandom Accessories: Werk Your Inner Disnerd

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Hello, lovelies!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a giant nerd. My obsessions with Harry Potter, Disney, the MCU, Star Wars, and The Walking Dead worry some of my loved ones. When I go on one of my fandom tangents, many roll their eyes and shake their heads. While all of my favorite fandoms have somehow snuck into my wardrobe, today, we’re focusing on Disney, and all things owned by Disney. Yes, Captain America and Princess Leia are Disney Princesses.

Classic Disney

Who doesn’t love Ariel? I love wearing the bow and shell necklace with my shell bra sweatshirt. When I do, I run around the house scream-singing Part of Your World, while brushing my hair with my dinglehopper. When I know I’m going to have a crazy or weird day, or if I’m going to drink a lot of tea, I like to wear my Alice bow. Unfortunately, in North Carolina, everyone always assumes I’m a Panthers fan. I got both bows and the necklace from Hot Topic.

The Parks

Disneyland is possibly my favorite place in the world. Growing up in California, I went to Disneyland all the time. My record was 6 times in a year. I was stoked, when I found Melanie’s shop, FemmeDeBloom, on Etsy. She made these adorable Small World and pink polka dot Mickey earrings.

MCU and Star Wars

Melanie also made my Captain America shield collar pins, which I wore to see Civil War (#teamcap)! You should definitely find her on Instagram, so you can see her new products and sales. Sometimes she sends out freebies with her orders. I got the R2D2 and BB-8 pins with my May the Fourth order. R2D2 came with me on my first day at my internship. You never know when you’ll need a droid to give you a hand.

Fandom accessories don’t have to be super obvious, but it can be fun when they are. Sometimes it’s fun to wear just a tiny touch of your nerdiness on your sleeve, or ears, or collar. How do you wear your favorite fandom?

Disney was my first fandomWhile all of my favorite fandoms have somehow snuck into my wardrobe, let's focus on Disney, and all things owned by Disney.