Lazy Girl Nail Art: Feeling Fruity on a Budget

Hello, lovelies!

I love nail art, but I’m also broke as fuck and lazy. This is why I love the cheap nail art wheels that I found on Amazon. They offer them with rhinestones, studs, and fimo slices in a bunch of different themes. They do require nail glue, but if you apply a few layers of nail polish, and let them dry completely, the glue won’t damage your nails.

The Polish

nail polish

Because summer is a time for picnics and cookouts, I wanted my nails to look like a fresh fruit salad. I started with Sephora and Formula X’s The System. I absolutely swear by this nail polish system. You use a nail cleanser, base coat, color polish, and top coat. It usually lasts for about 7-10 days, before it starts to chip. For this look, I used Supersonic. Make sure you let your nails dry between layers. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a goopy, bumpy mess.

The Art

nail art

I used this 5 Second brush on glue to attach the fruity fimo slices. Before you use the glue, make sure your topcoat is completely dry. If it isn’t, it will ruin the nail polish, and you’ll have to start that nail over. I’ve unfortunately made that mistake before, and it’s totes not fun. I like this glue, because it dries quickly enough that you don’t have to hold the limo slices against your nail forever, but slowly enough that you have time to get it into place. Unfortunately, the glue doesn’t last as long as the nail polish. The fimo slices start falling off after a couple of days, and the glue causes chips in the polish. If you don’t feel like doing your nails again, you can always do a couple coats of the topcoat before gluing on more fimo slices.

I only put fruit on 3 of my nails, because, again, I’m super lazy. My attention span can be pretty short, and it was definitely short that day. Now I’m craving fruit salad.

Do you ever dabble in nail art, or are you a nail art pro? Do you have any tips for those of us who have never tried it or are super lazy? Let me know in the comments!


Because summer is a time for picnics and cookouts, I wanted my nails to look like a fresh fruit salad. The best way to do this was with nail art.