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Makeup Monday Drag Edition: Adore Delano

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Hello, lovelies!

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Last month, I did a #MakeupMonday post inspired by Kim Chi. Because a bunch of people, myself included, really loved it, I decided to make Makeup Monday Drag Edition a monthly series. So, here’s a look inspired by another of my favorite Ru girls: Adore Delano. She’s fabulous, so go check out her Instagram.


I started this look with my everyday face. I used ColourPop’s Dume and Gummy Bear, which are featured in Makeup Monday ColourPop Sculpting Stix Review . Next, I used their Super Shock Cheek in Fanny Pack and Poolside to intensify and set the highlight and contour, respectively. I also used SSC in Jelly Fish for my blush.


For my eyes, I used ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadow in Straight Trippin’ in my crease and outer corner, Cornelious to blend, and Puppy Love as a highlight. I lined the upper and lower lids with my favorite black felt-tip eyeliner from Sephora. Finally, I blended more Straight Trippin’ under my bottom lash line.



While the glue on my favorite Sugarpill lashes, Precious, was getting tacky, I overlined my lips with ColourPop’s Lippie Pencil in Bichette. I also filled them in with their Lippie Stix in Fighter. I don’t usually overline my lips, but I couldn’t do an Adore Delano look without doing so.

I am obsessed with the final look. As you can probably tell from all of the selfies, I was really feeling myself. I’ll probably do this look in my everyday life. However, I probably won’t overline my lips. Even though they look great in pictures, I couldn’t handle how they looked in the mirror. Thanks to Adore Delano, I feel ready to party.

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Do you have a favorite drag queen? Do you ever find yourself using drag queens as your makeup inspiration? If you do, let me know in the comments! xo

Makeup Monday Drag Edition: Adore Delano

  • Paige Strand

    Gorgeous! Love this 🙂

  • Stephanie A. Taylor

    Awesome post! Love the lipstick!

  • Raquel Harbin

    I don’t but I LOVE the lippy!

  • Gorgeous babe! I’m the same way. For makeup in photos I’ll be a bit more dramatic but in real life I’ll tone it down.

    • Thanks! Super dramatic makeup is fun, but it’s not always fun to go out at 10 am looking like a crazy person. Lol

  • Hi Cassie!

    I love RuPaul’s Drag Race! What a fun idea Those drag queens have some major makeup skills to transform themselves into stunning ladies 👯

    xo Gennifer

    • I’m so obsessed with Drag Race that it’s not even funny! Did you watch All Stars last night? It was amazing! I’m glad you liked this post. Drag queens are just such amazing artists!

      • Last night we went out on a date night but I always catch it later on Netflix 😉

        • Totally. It should also be on the Logo website, if you don’t want to wait for Netflix 🙂

  • This lip color is everything!! Perfect shade of red!!

    • I know right? I wear it all the time! ColourPop is amazing!

  • Love ColourPop so much!! They have such gorgeous products. Your finished look is fantastic. That red lip is killer!!

  • Looking gorgeous! Love that lip color!

  • I love that lip colour, perfect for the cooler winter days in NZ

    • Thank you! Btw, ColourPop is shipping to NZ now!

  • Barbara Marie

    I love it. You look great!