I Am Unicorn: How I Wear My Spirit Animal

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Hello, lovelies!

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Let me just start this by saying that I know I’m a grown woman. I don’t live under some delusion that I’m a fairy princess in a magical kingdom. However, I love unicorns.

Unicorns are my favorite animal, because they are magical and unique, which are two characteristics that I like to think can be used to describe me. When I received my contract and saw that my official title was “Intern Unicorn,” I knew the position was made for me.



Inevitably, my spirit animal has made its way into my wardrobe. Some of my unicorn pieces are very subtle, while others are decidedly not.So far, I have collected 2 unicorn shirts. The gray one is a tee from Target with unicorns printed on the pocket. Modcloth has this awesome button-down printed with unicorns and hearts. I actually got away with that one during my final research proposal presentation before I graduated, and I wear it with high-waisted skirts and pencil skirts. I wear the tee with high-waisted shorts.


unicorn iPhone case Claire's

This is one of my favorite phone cases. I had it for my iPhone 5S, and I was sad to retire it, when I upgraded. Luckily, I found it at Claire’s for the 6S. I use it whenever I need more magic in my day. I found these adorable flats at Modcloth. They’re not very comfortable, but I wear them anyway.


I like to rock these flats with a purple and magenta ombré lip. Shit! I should’ve used my unicorn phone case that day!



Unicorns have wiggled their way into my decor, too. Modcloth (of course) had this adorable unicorn light. I named her Luna. Luna seemed a bit lonely, so as soon as they had narwhals in stock, I adopted a friend for her. His name is Wally. One of them accompanies me to the bathroom in the middle of the night, so I can see without turning on all of the lights. I swear, Modcloth didn’t sponsor this post. I just shop there too much.

What’s your spirit animal? Have you found a way to incorporate it into your personal style? Let me know in the comments! xo


I know that I’m a grown woman. I don’t live under some delusion that I’m a princess in a magical kingdom. However, I love unicorns.

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  • Do you! Unicorns are awesome. I concur. 🙂 happy Wednesday!

    • Cassie Lopez

      Thanks! Happy Wednesday to you, too!

  • Cute collection! I’ve long loved unicorns, and still love collecting examples of said love. )

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      Thank you!