Cassie Makes a Wish List: A Christmas Gift Guide

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Are you having a hard time finding holiday gifts for your picky loved ones? Hopefully my Christmas gift guide can help you out! Check it out at Cassie Wears What!Hello, lovelies!

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While Halloween is my favorite holiday, I totally love Christmas, too. I love buying presents for my loved ones, and for myself. Some people are super easy to buy for, and I hoard presents for them all year. Others are way harder to buy for, and I stress over their gifts at the last minute. Here’s a Christmas gift guide to help you find presents for your hard-to-shop-for loved ones:

Constantly Cold

Do you know someone who is constantly cold? They would absolutely love these slippers or these hand warmers. Another great option for them is this super cozy blanket from my Etsy shop.

Harry Potter

Has the Harry Potter lover in your life been slacking? If they aren’t as crazy as I am, they may not have Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them or Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yet. I’m crazy, so I preordered them months in advance. They’re amazing, and they look fabulous on the shelf next to my other Harry Potter books. I also have a Slytherin-inspired headband and a Gryffindor-inspired scarf in my Etsy shop.

Makeup Addict

Do you know someone who is obsessed with makeup? It can be hard to buy for them, but they would definitely love a gift card from ColourPop. If you want to give them a physical gift, you can’t go wrong with a brush set from Furless Cosmetics. They’re high-quality and cruelty-free! My favorite set from my Furless wishlist is the Must Have Professional Makeup Brush set. It has everything a makeup artist, professional or recreational, could possibly need. Their Black Beauty set is also gorgeous, and their Mini Bamboo set is both useful and budget-friendly.

Music Lover

Do you know someone who loves vinyl? How about someone with a large vinyl collection and no way to convert it to digital? A turntable has a USB port that allows them to upload their collection to their computer.

The Golden Girls

Do you have a Golden Girls fan in your life? I watch this classic show in bed every night. All 7 seasons are available on DVD. For some reason, I’m an idiot, and I’m missing seasons 3, 6, and 7. I wish they’d release Golden Palace on DVD, too!

The Walking Dead

Everybody knows someone who loves The Walking Dead. It’s hard to go wrong with a Walking Dead Shirt. My dad, my brother, and I all have sizable collections. A Walking Dead Monopoly game or Zombie Preparedness Kit could be fun, too!

What’s on your wish list this year? Did I miss anything in my Christmas gift guide? Let me know in the comments! xo


  • Urbanista At Home

    So many good ideas on this list! The Zombie Preparedness Kit sounds like it could be perfect for my boyfriend!

    • Thanks, dear! I’m sure he’d get a kick out of it. And, if he’s anything like me, he’s probably already thinking about prepping for the zombie apocalypse. LOL